Games, Models and Armies

Board Games

5 Minute Dungeon: Co-op real time card game for 2 - 5 players

Lord of the Rings: Co-op boardgame for 2 - 5 players.

Castle Ravenloft: Cooperative D&D Adventure Board Game for 1 - 5 players

Wrath of Ashardalon: Cooperative D&D Adventure Board Game for 1 - 5 players



Basing: Basing standards for Ancients

De Bellis Antiquitatis: Ancient Wargaming on a budget

Irregular Miniatures: Models for Carthaginian and Roman armies.

Sword and Spear Sample Armies: Simplified army lists.

Art de la Guerre: Army lists and models for ADLG


Flames of War

El Alamein: Playing Flames of War games with models appropriate to battle of El Alamein

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III F/G/H review: alternative to the BattleFront models.



Black Seas: The Age of Sail Battle Game 1770 - 1830

Napoleon at War: Divisional level Napoleonic wargaming.


Wargaming Notes

Historical Rules: My collection


What 's Hot

What is played at CCWC

What was played at Cancon

What was played at MOAB



The Gosford Gamers Guide to Dwarfs: A guide for 7th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Using non-GW models in WFB: Landsknecht Dopplesoldiers as Empire Greatswords


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