Napoleon at War


Munster (on WargamerAU) advised that

NaW figures match well with Newline Design (small 20mm) but are much bigger than AB or CGM.  1/72nd infantry in plastics sort of match up, the cavalry for those is usually a bit spindly next to the metal ones

At 1500pts you tend to need 8-10 battalions of infantry (28 fig each), 2-3 cavalry regiments (12 fig) and 1-2 battery of artillery (3 guns + 1 limber) and 4-6 general figures.

If ordering I'd go for the sole UK supplier (Battlefield Models) rather than direct.

From the Man at War website

BRBX01: British Infantry Brigade 47.00
4 infantry battalions, 2 mounted officers, unit bases
114 foot figures, 2 mounted figures.

BRBX02: British Light Dragoons Brigade 32.25
2 cavalry regiments, 2 mounted officers, unit bases
26 mounted figures

BRBX03: British Foot Artillery 23.10
1 foot artillery battery, 1 foot artillery limber and unit bases.
14 artillerymen, 4 guns (with 9 pdr, 6 pdr or howitzer option), 1 complete limber (including horses and artillery drivers

BRBL12: British Line Infantry Battalion 12.65
1 British Line Infantry Battalion, unit bases
24 foot figures, 4 skirmish figures
So as a rough order of magnitude it looks like if using the Man at War figures you'd need a couple of the Brigade boxes, and a box each of cavalry and artillery and then add more models as required. So that's appprox 150 or about $300 to get started.

Munster recommended

For Brits

1-2 Brigade of Bits
1-2 Brigade of allies (cannon fodder)
2 btty
1 light or heavy brigade (3 light or 2-4 heavy regiments per brigade)
Using NAW boxes
2-3 x inf boxes
1 x horse art
1 x foot art
1 x hvy cav
1 x scotts grey blister
would give you a fair force

Capitan make company level rule set and miniatures for the Napoleonic era.  The figures are 15mm/18mm and the army packs contain approx 41 infantry, 12 cavalry and 1 gun for "on special" price of 21.00 or non-discount price of 35.   Man at War were selling their sets for about 42p per infantry figure and 1.24 per cavalry figure and about 4 per gun team which would suggest an equivalent price of about 36 per Capitan set. It seems that the figures ranges (both from Spanish companies) are pretty much aligned in cost per figure.

According to there is a relationship between Warmodelling Miniatures and Capitan Miniatures.



Infantry battalions - 6 bases of 4 figures
Cavalry regiments - 4 bases of 3 figures

Infantry - 4 figures in 2 ranks on 26mm (w) x 32mm
Skirmish - 2 figures in 1 rank on 30mm (w) x 15mm
Cavalry - 3 figures in 1 rank on 45mm x 40mm
Artillery - cavalry base

Other games systems for 15-20mm figures often have 4 40x30 bases for infantry, so 80mm x 60mm for an infantry unit which pretty much matches the NaW 78mm x 64 mm unit size.