Wrath of Ashardalon board game

D&D Adventure System Cooperative Game for 1 - 5 players


42 Miniatures consisting of

The miniatures are made out of soft plastic but are detailed and most of them are without mould lines. The D&D models are 28mm scale, and have normal proportions (as opposed to GW figures which have "heroic" proportions). 

The hero figures are a female Elf Paladin, male Human Cleric, female Dwarf Fighter, male Half-Orc Rogue and a Dragonborn Wizard. The villain figures are a Red Dragon, Gauth, Rage Drake, Orc Storm Shaman, Otyugh, Duergar Captain and Kobold Dragonlord. The monsters are 3 each of Cave Bear, Duergar Guard, Gibbering Mouther, Grell, Human Cultist, Kobold Dragonshield, Legion Devil, Orc Archer, Orc Smasher and Snake.

Also included is a D20, various cards, tokens, 41 interlocking dungeon tiles, an adventure book and the rule book. 


Playing the Game



The Heroes

Summary of the characteristics of the heroes.

Name Race Class M/F AC HP Speed Surge
Keyleth Elf Paladin F 17 8 6 4
Vistra Dwarf Fighter F 17 8 5 4
Quinn Human Cleric M 16 8 5 4
Tarak HalfOrc Rogue M 14 8 6 4
Heskan Dragonborn Wizard   14 6 6 3


At-Will Powers

Summary of the more useful At-Will powers, that can be used by the different heroes.

Hero Power Attack Damage Range Comments
Keyleth Holy Strike +8 1 adjacent If you started hero phase adjacent, +1 damage if hit
Divine Challenge +8 1 1 tile Move target monster adjacent to the hero
Vistra Sure Strike +11 1 adjacent  
Reaping Strike +4 1 adjacent Attack one adjacent monster twice
Quinn Righteous Adv. +6 1 adjacent One hero moves 2 squares
Sacred Flame +6 1 1 tile If hit, heal a hero 1 hit point
Tarak Lucky Strike +7 1 1 tile If attack roll is even number, +1 damage if hit
Positioning Shot +7 1 2 tiles Hit or miss, place monster on your tile or adjacent tile
Heskan Arc Lightning +7 1 1 tile Attack up to two monsters
Hypnotism +9 1 1 tile Move monster 1 tile.  If adjacent to monster, it attacks


The Monsters

A summary of the monsters appears below.  The game includes 3 models for each monster, and the monsters can appear in any mission.  Not shown below are the villains, which are more powerful but only appear in specific missions.

Monster Type AC HP XP
Legion Devil Devil (3 appear) 16 1 3
Gibbering Mouther Aberrant 14 2 3
Duergar Guard Devil, Dwarf, Sentry 16 2 2
Grell Aberrant 15 2 2
Cave Bear Animal 14 2 2
Orc Smasher Orc 15 2 2
Orc Archer Orc 13 1 1
Kobold Dragonshield Reptile, Sentry 16 1 1
Human Cultist Human 14 1 1
Snake Reptile 13 1 1