When I think of Ancient warfare, the two things that really stand out are the Punic Wars and Alexander the Great. 


I wanted to start with the Punic Wars, and so I started with a Carthaginian army based for L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  This is list #55 in the ADLG rulebook.  Carthaginians offer a variety of troop types to chose from.  Whilst none of them are super-units, it does allow variety of army composition and play style, with a variety of interesting models to paint.

My Carthaginian army for ADLG is largely miniatures from Forged in Battle, with some miniatures from Xyston and Baueda.  Total cost for the miniatures was about AUD $300 (including shield transfers and postage) for an approximately 300 points (plus generals) army.  Refer to Collecting Carthaginian Army for details.

Carthaginian collection

Army List

Gaul option allows up to 3 elephants but Gallic Warriors are always impetuous.

Carthaginians Painted v4


Hannibal in Italy reduces the number of elephants, but the spearmen become armoured and veterans.  Gallic Warriors are impact rather than impetuous.  Also allows use of Italian heavy infantry impact.

Carthaginians in Italy v4


Republican Roman

My second army was Republican Roman.  The Republican Roman army provides a historical opponent for the Carthaginian army.   Whilst not offering a much variety as the Carthaginians, the Roman list is built around impact heavy infantry.  Many players believe that impact heavy infantry is one of the best unit types in ADLG.  This is list #53 in the ADLG rulebook.

Once again I used Forged in Battle miniatures as I had been very happy with the figures I had bought previously.  Total cost for figures plus shield transfers was about AUD $220 (including postage).  This enables me to field an ADLG army of between 235 and 275 points, plus generals.  Refer to Collecting Republican Roman Army for details.

3 Legions plus auxileries


Army List

The following list is using the troops without armour upgrades, but one legion is elite.

Republican Roman Army List


Alternatively we can upgrade all legionaries, cavalry and two auxiliaries with armour.

Republican Roman Army List (Armoured)


Alexandrian Macedonian

My next project was Alexander the Great.  One of the most famous generals in history, Alexander fought against the Persians from 334 - 329 BC, and invaded  India in 326 BC.

In the ADLG rulebook the lists are #39 Alexandrian Macedonian for the period 355 - 330 BC, and #40 Alexander the Great for the period 330 - 320 BC.  I started with building an army for list #39.

Total price spent on models was about AUD $330 to enable me to field an army of approximately 270 points, plus generals.  Refer to Collecting Alexandrian Army for details.

Alexandrian Macedonian

Army List

Alexandrian Macedonian list

Alexandrian Macedonian Army List


Alexander the Great

For my collection, to morph from the Alexandrian Macedonian collection to Alexander the Great requires removing the two units of impact light horse and replacing with light horse bow, removing one unit of Thracian 2HW and one unit of Greek cavalry and adding two elephants.

Alexander the Great Army

Army List

In the Alexander the Great list the impact light horse are replaced by light cavalry bow and elephants are available.

Alexander the Great Dec 2021


Classical Indian

For an opposing army for my Alexander the Great army I considered Later Achaemenid Persian and Classical Indian.  Of the two, the Indians appealed to me more. Additionally there is the advantage that you can use Classical Indian as allies for the Alexander the Great list #40.

The Classical Indian list is #79 in the ADLG rulebook.

Total spend was about AUD$ 320 to allow me to field about 270 points of models (plus generals).  Refer to Collecting Classical Indians for details.

Indian Army


Army List

Classical Indian collection


Numidian Allies

Both the Carthaginians and Republican Romans can use Numidian Allies (list #56).  This list has become more interesting in v4 with the option for  medium cavalry with javelins.

24 Numidian Cavalry (2 x WE-NU01)
24 x Numidian Light Infantry (WE-NU02
24 x Numidian Imitation Legionarii (WE-NU04)
Numidian round shields (WE-D14)

This is still a work in progress.

Numidian Allies

Army List

Numidian Ally List


Future Projects

Spanish Allies

Both the Carthaginians and Republican Romans can use Spanish allies (list #90)

Spanish Generals (WE-G21)
12 x Spanish Long Shield Cavalry (WE-SP01) 12 x Spanish Round Shield Cavalry (WE-SP02)
48 x Spanish Unarmoured Scutarii (2 x WE-SP04)
24 x Spanish Caetrati (WE-SP06)
Spanish large oval shields (2 x WE-D15)



Parthians (list #102) provide a historic opponent for Triumvirate Roman (list#83, which I can field using my Republican Roman figures)

24 Parthian Cataphracts (2 x WE-PA01)
36 Parthian Horse Archers (3 x WE-PA02)
12 Armenian Cataphracts (WE-PA04)
24 Armenian Skirmishers (WE-PA06)
24 Armenian Javelinmen (WE-PA07)