IF Scoring System

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Rankings

Geoff Tewierik managed the tournament rankings for both 40K and WFB for 2003 - 2006.  With Geoff Tewierik retiring from maintaining the rankings at the end of 2006, the team that publish the e-zine Irresistible Force and run the annual Fantasy Masters tournament took over the rankings for WFB tournaments from 2007.  Note that the WFB Rankings are used as one of the methods for players to qualify for the Fantasy Masters tournament held each year.

The ranking system is reviewed and modified each year.  Refer to the Irresistible Force web site for details.

The ranking points total for a player is the sum of their 3 best tournament scores they have accumulated in a single calendar year.  The maximum points that you can score from a single tournament is 100. The number of points awarded from each tournament is dependent on the size of the tournament (# of entrants) and their overall position.

The upper threshold for a tournament size in 2008 was 50 entrants. Therefore all tournaments greater than 50 players are considered the same for the purposes of determining rankings points on offer.  First place for a tournament of 50 (or more) players is worth 100 points (called the tournament weighting).

The best 3 tournament ranking points a player receives in a calendar year are added together to form their ranking points total for the year.

The team behind the Rankings on Irresistible  Force went on to found RankingsHQ to maintain rankings for a number of different systems.


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