Blitzkrieg Commander's Club Challenge 2008

Warhammer 40K interclub tournament

Trophy provided by Wayne Lauter of the Northern Knights

The Blitzkrieg Commander's Club Challenge is a Warhammer 40K interclub tournament.  For 2008 the event is between an Alliance of the Gosford Gamers Guild, Central Coast Corsairs, G5 Gamers and Cessnock Slayers playing against the NSW Northern Knights.  The Northern Knights have won the trophy for 2008 with a total of 9 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses across the two rounds.


The second and final round for 2008 was held on Sunday 23rd November at Tuggerah on the Central Coast, between the Alliance and the Northern Knights.  There were 12 players a side and this round was draw, with 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses on each side.  

Damien C (Eldar) [G5] defeated Wayne L (SM: Crimson Fists) Crimson Fists
Rob B (Tau) [G5] defeated Ryan M (Necrons) Tau vs Necrons
Nick Cherries (Space Marines) [Cessnock] defeated Chris B (SM: Ultramarines) UM vs Red Lions
Mark C (Space Marines) [Gosford] defeated Jacob (Tau) Outflanked
James G (SM: Imperial Fists) [Corsairs] defeated David A (Tyranids) Imp Fists vs Tyr
Daniel H (Space Marines) [Corsairs] drew Tim B (Daemons) Daemons vs SM
Jono (Necrons) [Cessnock] drew Nigel S (Tyranids)  
Darren C (SM: Ultramarines) [Gosford] lost to Alex F (Chaos SM)  
Joel (Orks) [Cessnock] lost to Josh (Chaos SM)  
Noel L (Chaos SM) [Gosford] lost to Mark S (Space Wolves)  
Will K (Space Marines) [Cessnock] lost to Jeremy C (Space Marines)  
Guy T (Space Marines) [Cessnock] lost to Michael T (Space Marines)  


The first round for 2008 was held on May 18th in the Sydney suburb of Thornleigh.  The Alliance had 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.

Nick C (Marines) [Cessnock] defeated Dave A (Blood Angels) Battle
Jono H (Necrons) [Cessnock] defeated Jacob M (Tau)  
Daniel H (Tau) [Corsairs] defeated Chris B (Ultramarines) City Combat
Damien C (Chaos SM) [Gosford] drew Nigel S (Tyranids)  
Mark C (Dark Angels) [Gosford] lost to Gus (Black Templars) Deepstrike Disaster
Ben B-B (Tyranids) [Gosford] lost to Tim B (Tyranids)  
Tim S (Dark Angels) [Corsairs] lost to Jeremy C (Blood Angels) Deadly Combat
Guy T (Chaos SM) [Cessnock] lost to Ryan M (Necrons) Assault

The Alliance had 8 players turn up and the Northern Knights had 10 players.  As such Michael T (Black Templars) and Wayne L (Eldar) played a "club game" rather than a Blitzkrieg match.

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