Blitzkrieg Commander's Club Challenge 2006

Warhammer 40K interclub tournament

Trophy provided by Wayne Lauter of the Northern Knights

The Blitzkrieg Commander's Club Challenge is the Warhammer 40K interclub tournament held between the Gosford Gamers Guild and the NSW Northern Knights.

In 2006 there were two rounds, held in Sydney and on the Central Coast.  The first round was a draw.
The Gosford Gamers Guild won the second round with 4 wins to 3. As such we now hold the trophy :-).

November Results (Round 2)
The NSW Northern Knights visited the Central Coast on 26th November 2006. There were 7 players representing each side. The results of the games (GGG vs NK) were:

Tom's Ork Speed Freaks defeated Wayne's Eldar
Darren's Dark Eldar defeated Chad's Chaos Space Marines
Ben's Tyranids defeated Ryan's Black Templars
Mick's Necrons defeated Tim's army
Mark's Dark Angels lost to Thomas's Necrons
Adam's Space Marines lost to Mark's Chaos Space Marines
Simon's Iron Warriors lost to Nigel's Necrons

June Results (Round 1)
The Gosford Gamers Guild visited the Northern Knights on 25th June 2006. We had 6 players representing us and came away with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. The results of the games (GGG vs NK) were:

Mark's Dark Angels defeated Chad's Death Guard CSM
Adam's Black Templars defeated Ryan's Black Templars
Tom's Emperor's Children drew Nigel's Necrons
Damien's Orks drew Wayne's Eldar
Darren's Imperial Guard lost to Mark's CSM
Ben's Space Marines lost to Thomas's Necrons

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