Late War (Europe)


The models here have been used to represent British and Canadian forces from the Overlord and Market Garden books.

British Rifle Platoon (BR722)

British Rifle Platoon (BR722)

RAM Kangaroo transports (3 x BR203)

Universal Carriers (BR210) and Wasps (BR214)

BR721 Company HQ and BR710 Artillery HQ

British Heavy Mortars (BR726)

Priests (4 x BR170)

Canadian Land Mattress (2 x BR590)

British 6 pdr anti-tank guns (3 x BR511)

British 17 pdr anti-tank guns (2 x BR521)

M10C 17 pdr SP anti-tank guns (4 x BR151)

Archers (2 x BR157)

Breaching Group: Sherman V (BR120) and 4 x Sherman Crab Flails (BR132).  The bases for the Crabs don't come with the models but have been added because the models seem a bit fragile.

Sherman V / Fireflies (Plastic Soldier Company)

Sherman V / Firefly (Battlefront Open Fire box set)

Sherman V / Firefly (Battlefront Open Fire box set)


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