40K Tournament Rankings for 2008

Australasian Warhammer 40000 Tournament Rankings (2008)

In 2008 there were 58 Warhammer 40K tournaments across Australia and New Zealand that contributed to the Warhammer 40K Tournament Rankings.  There were an average of 31 players per event, with 1047 players in total taking part in these 40K tournaments in 2008.

The downturn in the number of events being held and the number of players taking part compared to 2007 is probably a result of the fact the Games Workshop stopped running their GT and Conflict tournaments in Australia and New Zealand.

The largest 40K events in 2008 were:

Tournaments 2008 Location Region Date # Players Format
Arcanacon Melbourne Vic Jan 26th - 27th 133 1200 x 6
Cancon Canberra ACT Jan 26th - 28th 73 1750 x 8
Terrracon X Naracoorte SA Jun 7th - 8th 67 1500 x 5
Ork-toberfest 2008 Brisbane Qld Oct 25th - 26th 66 1750 x 5

The most tournaments held in one region was the 10 events held in Sydney with an average size of 27 players.  The second most tournaments held in one region was 7 events held in Adelaide with an average size of 19 players.  Two cities hosted 6 Warhammer 40K tournaments: Melbourne with an average size of 52 players and Perth with an average size of 21 players.

There were 16 players who attended at least 7 events in 2008, with one player attending 12 events.  There were 177 players who attended at least 3 events.  About 65% of the players only attended a single 40K tournament in 2008.

The most popular format for tournaments was 5 rounds.  The most popular points limit for tournaments was 1500 points.  The breakdown of number of events for a given points limit is shown below.

Army Size Number of Events
2000 pts 12
1800 / 1850 3
1750 pts 15
1500 pts 20
1200 / 1250 5
750 pts 3


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